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A day in my life
as a Medium

This is a place for me to share experiences and what I go through on a regular basis. There could be a message here for someone who may be reading this as well. I am not a writer, and will not pretend to be, so please forgive me for my writing mistakes on any of my pages!

A day in my life can be interesting, exhausting, some may say weird, or freaky. Which ever you choose, it doesn't matter to me. I am used to it, and I don't know any different. I have been this way my whole life, ever since I can remember. I often would wonder, and still do at times, what it would be like to be like most people. I always knew I was not like other people, even as a young child. There are many people out there who are "sensatives", many don't even realize it. I use the word "sensatives" as a catch all for all abilities.

My life as a medium started as a young child. I didn’t know this growing up, but as I got older I realized I was very different than most people and even different than others like me. I live my life with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world, I always have and I don’t know any thing different. I have had many interesting and some may say crazy or impossible experiences! My hope is that this helps someone with similar abilities understand their gift, or helps a parent understand their child who has abilities.

At the young age of 5, I was fortunate enough to meet a little girl who became my close friend. Her mother Rose, who is a very gifted medium, among many other things, became my first spiritual teacher and advisor on my journey as a medium. Our two families became very close and our parents became the best of friends. To this day she is still someone I will seek out for advice and answers. I want to give many thanks and lots of love and appreciation to Rose and let her know just how much she has helped and taught me with all the challenges this gift has brought me through out my life. Thank you for being there and helping me to learn how to deal with and use this gift! I hope to do the same for others as my journey continues.

Imagine never getting a good night sleep. Imagine feeling like your body has completed changed into another body or into an object! Yes, this has happened to me several times and much more! I can remember screaming for my parents in the middle of the night because I just turned into a 6 ft 4 inch German soldier while coming out of the bathroom. Thank God my parents understood and didn’t think I was crazy. Imagine just sitting on your friend’s sofa and out of nowhere you “feel” like you have physically changed into another’s body. It is very freaky and can scare the living bejesus out of you! That my friend’s is just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on and on, but for that I would need to write a complete book! As a child I would constantly hear voices of many people calling my name, asking me to join them. It sounded like a huge party was going on in the background. I used to try to sleep with headphones on playing rock music loudly to drown out the voices. I would sometimes sing the same song over and over again in my head to try to distract myself and hope to fall asleep. To this day, I don’t sleep well, never have and probably never will. Spirit activity continues to wake me up at night or just keeps me awake. It’s not that they are speaking to me per say, some times it’s just that I feel their presence or I hear them speaking to each other! I ask them to please take their conversation where I can’t hear them. I play meditation cds all night long. Many times it’s my own spirit guides. I have to tell them to back away please so I can sleep. It is better than it was and I have learned to set boundaries and sometimes ignore.

I also felt different, physically. It is hard for me to “stay” completely in the physical world. I have learned how to function this way. It wasn’t easy! I have to do grounding and centering exercises frequently through out the day. I have been told by Shamans and by High Priestesses that I just don’t want to be in my body. A piece of me is often out helping others or learning in another dimension.

I have held several corporate jobs working as a graphic designer and I would have to work on multiple projects, deal with clients and go to meetings, everything that everyone else has to do during a typical day. I would have to do my job, and at the same time try not to be distracted by the spirit world and psychic impressions that I would get on a daily basis. I am also a musician, and for many years played in rock bands from the time I was a teenager well into my early 30's. I was a lead singer and guitarist. I traveled through the state of Florida and the surrounding states playing in clubs and have to belt out, for example, a Guns N’ Roses song and not pay attention to the spirits wanting me to give someone a message. Serious multitasking!

At times it would get frustrating and I would wonder what it would be like to feel like most people. I can feel the pain and problems of the living as well as those on the other side. At times it has been hard for me to determine whether something belongs to me or if it’s another person or spirit trying to come through. This is because it will happen often while I’m not doing a reading. It happens at any time and I just feel it. When I leave my house I do a number of “things” to keep me from being so sensitive. I also do things as part of my normal routine to close my aura and close my chakras to feel as normal as I can through out the day. I have had other mediums tell me through out my life “you need to shut down and close up, set boundaries, so this doesn’t happen”, believe me, I do probably more than most, that is one of the reasons I say I am different even among people that are like me.

Spirit does not always communicate in the same way. I like to call myself a translator. It is the language of spirit and it’s my job to explain to you what I am seeing, hearing and feeling. It can be emotional and very healing. Know that when you lose someone they are still there, just in a different way. Everyone gets messages and signs from those in spirit but they don’t realize it. It can be very subtle. People often brush things off as coincidence. I’m here to tell you it’s not a coincidence.

I often communicate with your spirit guides as well and can tell you about past lives during a reading. I communicate with the angelic realms and ascended masters and have accessed the Akashic records. There is no limit really. I left the corporate world to dedicate my time and natural born gifts to working within the spiritual world. It was something I did on the side for many years and now it’s my fulltime gig. Not only am I a medium and psychic, I also am an energy worker combining Usui & Karuna Reiki, Crystals, Quantum Touch and other healing techniques including Atlantean Reiki (Master), that balance the chakras, clears the aura, and heals on body, mind and spirit levels. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher direct from the Usui line. I have been involved in all types of spiritual practices and classes since I was a child. I am a teacher, AND I am a student.

I do private readings and group readings, both mediumship and psychic. I love communicating with those on the other side. It really helps those who are still here in the physical world. When I do a reading, I ask for validation, I ask spirit to give me something specific that will make you know that I am communicating with your loved one. Often times a client will look surprised and say “how did you know that, there is no way you could know that” I say, well, I am communicating with them. It still shocks me at times and I don’t know why! Spirit usually comes through with their personality, which does not go away just because they are in spirit form. It can be very funny sometimes. I have had people crying and laughing at the same time because “Grandma” is showing me how she used to chase "Grandpa" and whack him with a wooden spoon or rolling pin because he couldn’t stay out of the kitchen while she was making his favorite meal.

Many people think that being a medium means you don't grieve the loss of your loved ones or animals. This is not true, we go through the same gieving process. The people and or animals we have lost are not here physically, it hurts just as much and takes time to heal the same as anyone else!

Contact me for a reading or energy work.

Blessed be!
Karla M. Gutierrez
Medium & Clairvoyant/Energy Healer/Mystic/Seer/You name it...

Please refrain from sending a text message requesting an appointment. I can miss a text from people who are not in my contact list. Please contact me via email or phone call when requesting an appointment for the first time, Thank you!

Please allow me 24 - 48 hrs to return phone calls and emails requesting appointments. Please include a phone number to be able to reach you in your email. I do my best to get back to clients as quickly as I can. Someone else may call you to schedule your appointment. I typically run 3 weeks booked in advance so please keep that in mind when you contact me. I can never do a reading the day you contact me or the days following. I do have cancelations and will let you know if I can get you in before your scheduled date. Thank you for your patience.


Karla M. Gutierrez

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